The last kiss


A kiss by ayush bhandari

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  1. Thanks for adding this pic in your list! It was a spontaneous one and I didn’t even have the time to fix my frame.. a second delay would have spoiled the action and mood!

    I hope you all enjoyed it.

  2. Ayush this pic is fabulous.
    I love it.
    As for you information. This pic has got the highest rating till now on this blog.

  3. This is so beautiful!

  4.  It is so popular because there is something so intensely burning about a “last kiss” – – I mean, is it the last one for this Lifetime? The last one, for the day, the last one before he jumps on the train with her, the last one of their last encounters? For me, I miss the kisses most; of all the mega- love making positional (drawings & all) manuals. This sensual mouth exploration, arouses me faster, more deeply, (when it’s done by one who knows what he’s doing/save me from the less instructed!). It’s the quickest way to lust in the dust! KISSING is my favorite consequence of the whole “love making” rush. Without his mastery in the Art of Kissing, there will be no need for a next time. Absolutely “KISSING” is a dying ART…and what a pity that is. Long, lengthy explorations, while straining for breath, and not wanting to let go the flash of the physical arc; deepening the other sensory dialogs, e.g., visual, hearing, scen, etc.). For me, it all begins (and may possibly end) there.
    Don’t know if it just a ‘woman thing’ ( as most males offer up pragmatic theories for this sometimes tender, sometimes rough, and (if done right) is never enough). The challenge to the physical core is an immense meltdown…but don’t rush it, slow it down to a stall, make it seem more of a revolutionary peril to the student of; while in the all-over-aching I’m awakened, already lost in the point of no return …oh, the kissing. I’m missing!

  5. 超愛這張.

  6. Fantastic. I’m speechless. Just awesome

  7. Fantastic. I’m speechless. Just awesome.

  8. cium aku donx

  9. Toooooooo gud…