Our blog reader Natalie Christensen shared this with us.

She Wrote:

“I took this picture on the 4th of July, the first day we ‘officially’
started dating. He lives in a different state, and we had been ‘dating’, but
not seriously, because of the distance.
I have never been happier with anyone in my life. I am moving in 2 months
to be with him. I know it’s going to be the best decision I ever make.

*The lyrics are from a song that he told me fitted me perfectly. Love isn’t
always perfect, and we may not always agree, but love is about working out
problems, and not making, or want that other person to change, and loving
them for who they are.

I have a feeling we’re going to be together for a very long time. :]”


Thanks Natalie. Its a wonderful kiss.

P.S.: Share your kiss with us.

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