A kiss by akp39 (photobucket)
Shared by Abhishek Gupta.

Thanks Abhishek for sharing such a beautiful kiss.

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  1. oh my god, this image is really beautiful.. was it directed or real?

  2. Is that from The Notebook?

  3. Hello Stephanie
    The kiss was send by a blog reader and I do not know the exact source of it.

  4. I love this scene in the Notebook!
    such a sweet kiss

  5. This is from “The Notebook” with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

  6. […] friend from KissMeDaily.com published this photo from NoteBook movie.. It looks so dramatic, it’s the age when passion […]

  7. This photois so hot and sensual. A dream of passion come true

  8. it’s not only from “The Notebook” it’s the image they used for the poster & DVD cover…

  9. yeah from the note book…it wasn’t over for me!it still isn’t over!aw!makes my stomach drop out 🙂

  10. woooooooow

    kiss,kiss,kiss me please

  11. really the best kiss ever kissed on earth!!

  12. shoooooooo shweeeeeeeeeeeet
    So romanticcccccccccc

  13. The picture if from the movie, “The Notebook” one of my favorite movies. This kiss also won best kiss award.
    It shows when two people truly love each other. I truly wish for everyone to find their Noah or Ally in this world. (Noah and Ally are the main characters in the movie, and those in the picture)

  14. That’s definately the best kiss ever!! I love the Notebook, that movie made me sob!

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