A kiss by Shay Stephens

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  1. Incredible. I’m eating this up, right now.

  2. Lovely!

  3. love youi …!!

  4. I love this picture. The rain, and the umbrella just forgotten. It shows the passion she has for him

  5. …no need for words… the photo tells it all.

  6. agree with Mac – “…the umbrella just forgotten…” so true.. makes it even more incredible.. but the love is just amazing.

  7. […] The pictures really are fantastic though, here’s one I managed to unveil courtesy of kiss me daily. […]

  8. nice photo

    wher is my kiss boy????????

  9. Shay Stevens is amazing. Oh, what an incredible photo. If it is staged, please don’t ever tell me.

  10. I followed his links. This was absolutely real. Read his whole story. It is more than precious. Made me cry.

  11. this image is so romantic and so special..the must special proposial in the rain that i ever seen

  12. i absolutely love it!!!!

  13. […] Kiss Me Daily is so simple it’s sweet; its greed  “A kiss is all we need….”. I have decided to use this theme for my first post in this new continuing series on Photography and Photo Blogs. […]

  14. Great photo… A beautifully captured moment.

  15. Magnificent! I want to be proposed to in the rain now!!

  16. Just Great…

  17. this image is so romantic

  18. I wish that iwas this girl

  19. i love this….a kiss in the rain….i’ve had those and the feeling is amazing

  20. LOvely kiss in the rain

  21. that is so sweet i like it

  22. this is a heavenly feeling scene

  23. Awesome Kiss Lovely

  24. thank you nice work

  25. someone PLEASE tell me where this was taken

  26. oh my god its so lovely, i love that boy and i wish that i was this girl…

  27. good

  28. wish i were that girl…

  29. i need that tip of kiss