Our blog reader xxxxxxx shared a wonderful story with us.

She wrote:

My name is xxxxxx and I have an interesting kiss that I’d like to share with you..
My husband is a Private, First Class in the United States Army. He is currently in training to go to Iraq, and on may 21, I got to see him for the first time in three months. That day, he surprised me with a proposal, and then at 4:00 pm that night we were married. His mother, xxxxx, happened to snap a picture when we said I do. He said that he wanted to wait to have a proper marriage and watch me walk down the isle, but that this would be amazing enough for now, because he knew that I would be taken care of while he is in Iraq. Today is the first Memorial Day I’ve spent as an Army wife, and it is by far the hardest.

Thank you,

P.s. I stumbled on your site- it’s quite amazing.


Photograph Removed on request.


Thanks xxxx for that admirable kiss story….

God Bless You…..

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