Christina Martin shared a kiss photographed by her.
She Wrote:
“Can you believe this little girl just ran up and kissed the tummy of this mom
to be? so sweet!”

Thanks Christina.
You can check Christina’s blog at http://www.soulaperture.typepad.com/

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  1. Simply wonderful!!!

  2. Thanks Cee

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  4. This is my favorite kiss picture ever. I love the innocence of the girl and the sweetness of the pregnant lady who was so tender with the little girl. Did you know the girl was a stranger to the momma-to-be? That makes it even more precious to me.

  5. This photo will always make me smile. What a perfect shot for Kiss Me Daily.

  6. What a gorgeous shot! Amazing that the child didn’t know the woman, but what a testiment to the aura of the mom and the little girl who knew what was growing inside of her! My little nieces kiss my belly and can’t wait for their cousin! This could be a contest winner in my opinion!

  7. coming over from Soul Aperture. what a warm kiss captured here.

    one love.