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She Wrote:

We took this picture within moments of getting together 🙂
We were friends 3 years ago and I got involved with someone else. I loved him from the beginning but I was already committed to someone else. I told him one day that if my boyfriend hadn’t come along I would be with him. Which was huge for me because I didn’t think he felt the same way. Well, a few months later we quit talking to satisfy my boyfriend. I had found out he did feel the same way. 2 years later we started talking again and I left my boyfriend/fiancé. We took it slow for 2 months, tried not to complicate things. Then I told him I wanted it complicated. I wanted him just for me.
I haven’t been so happy in 3 years 🙂

Danielle Perdue


Yes Danielle, Love is complicated yet Beautiful.

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