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A kiss by Jordi Meneses

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  1. A kiss is all we need, a kiss is a dream come true and this site is full of kisses. Happiness is the kiss of nature.

  2. Adrienne,I thoroughly eneojyd Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. It seems like ages since winning the ARC, but about two days after it arrived (and I’m sure there’s no connection), I became very ill. It was lovely, however, to return to your story while I was recovering. I’m now catching up with life, work, and the blogosphere — where I see lots has been happening! There’s so much I loved about your book (I’m recommending it, wildly!) But what I ultimately found most unique and entertaining was this: I had absolutely no idea what would happen next or where the story would take me, and that is a Very Good Thing.All the best with book two, and happy writing!Mary xx