Caty and Horia

Our blog reader Caty shared a beautiful kiss with all of us.
She wrote
“This is a picture of me and the love of my life, Horia. He died of cancer two years ago and left me alone. I miss him terribly and I know that I could never love anyone the way I loved him.
Anyway… I just want to post this picture for everybody else to see, so they can cherish every second they got with their loved ones.
I treasure his sweet memory and I will always, always love him.
Thank you.
P.S.: The picture was taken in one of our many trips together.”

Thanks Caty for sharing this one with us. Love is a strong emotion and it leaves the footpringts and pleasent memories behind, Forever.

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  1. How wonderful this love!
    I love a boy too and now I know I MUST tell him!!!

  2. Hello Anouchka
    Its always a good time to express your feelings and love for someone else. Don’t hesitate and waste time, just do it.

    “A kiss is all we need”