Our blog reader Luka shared a magnificent kiss with us.

He wrote:

My name is Luka. This is a photo of my girlfriend, Sanja, and me. It was made kinda spontaneously. She was in a photo studio and I just came to pick her up so we could go out but the photographer insisted to take a picture of us. It’s just irreplaceable, so many memories linked to it… I always make that *awww* sound when I see it. It just reminds me how beautiful it is to have her by my side. She is a true God’s gift. 🙂
Hope you like it!



Yes Luka,we liked it…

God Bless You.

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  1. oye raju pyar na kariyo kariyo dil tot jata hai
    chahat ki ikrar na kariyo kariyo dil tot jata hai
    rabba ishq na hove o rabba ishq na hove

  2. This is adorable(: